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Why are you here?

Some people believe that coincidences are just coincidences. well, I am a bit more skeptical - I believe that every event in our life has it's own reason. Sometimes we are able to explain those reasons and sometimes we aren't. One who seeks usually founds, no matter for what reason - you've end up on my CV webpage, or to be more correct on it's public version.

Exactly, this webpage has private side as well. To reach it - please send me your inquiry via this form.

What we could talk about?

Meaningful conversations are my favorite - no matter what subject. In the current context we could talk about web, technology, project management, marketing and product development. Management-related topics are very exciting - including human resources, psychology and personal development.

But I would leave frames for others - contact me and let's talk!

Just in case...

If text above is too long to read - I am adding one bigger blue button - to make contacting easier for you.

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